Activation Report: GFF-211 Wren’s Nest


Wren's Nest NNR
Attendance at a MISRA-C Working Group meeting, gave me the opportunity to be in the Midlands… this led to the plan of a Flora/Fauna activation, followed by some Worked All Britain activity.

I chose Wren’s Nest (GFF-211) as this location was the site of a previous unsuccessful activation (only five QSOs in the log, due to a broken antenna) and allowed a number of WAB squares to be activated on the onward journey.

Activation Details

Wednesday 24thApril 2013 0600utc – 0900utc


Within the amateur radio world it is valid for the following:

  • Flora Fauna: GFF-211 (Wren’s Nest National Nature Reserve)
  • Worked All Britain: SO99


Normally, a three-hour long activity yielding just 52 contacts would be considered as rather unsuccessful.  But with band conditions in a very poor shape (FoF2 barely touched 6MHz) in many ways, that was quite an achievement.

But the fact that the log included a number of notable contacts more than made up for the quantity:

  • The highlight has to be not one, but two contacts with Australia, namely Paul VK5PAS (the VKFF rep), and Keith VK3FT – both on 20m
  • The DxPedition to Sardinia’s La Maddalena Archipelago (IOTA EU-041, WWFF IFF-004, etc)
  • Three other Flora/Fauna stations
    • Maurice F5IYU/P in FFF-095 (on 40m) – a new one for me, and apologies for getting your callsign wrong on my spot!
    • Detlef DD6UDD/P from his vacation home in DLFF-075 on Usedom Island EU-129 (on 40m)
    • Sylvain F4FWO resident in FFF-126 (on 40m)
  • Three local stations (assumed via groundwave) on 20m: G0GWU, G7EDZ and M6AHW… Thanks for the WAB squares on 20m!

Thanks to everyone who called in, especially to several who we could not make the QSO. Hopefully conditions will be better next time.

WAB Activity

Due to the poor conditions, no WAB squares were successfully activated, once mobile.

About Wren’s Nest

Wren's Nest NNR
Wren’s Nest National Nature Reserve is a classic geological site of exceptional importance.

It is one of the most notable geological locations in the British Isles and visited and studied by geologists from all over the world.

The limestone rock also provides an environment where a distinct range of habitats and species of plants and animals are found.

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