Activity Report – April 2014


The highlight of April was completing the WAB Sapphire Award’s Ruby Level for mobile activity.

Otherwise, I was active as work and family allowed.


Four GFFs have been activated during March.

  • GFF-105 (Studland and Godlingston Heath NNR)
  • GFF-121 (Thames Basin Heaths SPA) – several short activities
  • GFF-249 (Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs AONB) – mobile activity
  • GFF-251 (Dorset AONB) – mobile activity

As before, I’m planning to make regular, but short, visits to the local GFF121, GFF-207, GFF-273 and GFF-292 over the coming months, in addition to any other main activity.


As detailed in the report, my activity in GFF105 – Studland and Godlingston Heath NNR was valid for three NATS references – A0504 A0504.1 and A0504.2

Worked All Britain (40m only)

My only activity this month (other than routine activations of my home square and its neighbour) was as part of the business trip to Wareham (where I activated GFF-105).  The subsequent mobile run passed through 22 squares (all new for 2014, and 8 all-time new ones).

This achieved the points and squares target for the Ruby level of the Sapphire Award… at month end I’m on 42 points activated and 57 points worked.

Progress continues on each of the main awards…:

M6ADB/2E0GFF WAB Statistics for March 2014
Activity Activated Worked
Mar YTD All Time Mar YTD All Time
Small Squares 24 183 518 156 621 1,321
Large Squares 4 13 18 +4 46 58
2014 Sapphire +8 42 pts (Ruby) +8 57 pts (Sapphire)
2014 Decade +3 93 n/a 100 (Complete)
2014 Decade (SU only) +8 48 n/a n/a
2014 GB Special Events n/a 9 21
N.A.T.S. 3 3 29 2 27 TBA
Islands 0 0 1 5 14 TBA
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