GB0CZ Statistics

Following 28 days of intermittent operation, GB0CZ is QRT (for now…)

Many thanks for all stations who called in – with erratic band conditions continuing to be a problem, data modes (including RTTY) proved to be more successful than SSB.


The initial objectives of the event were:

  1. Help promote CASHOTA Heritage Month, and awareness of the CASHOTA award program
  2. Work CASHOTA/WCA collectors for the Castle
  3. Work RSARS members for the affiliate number
  4. Work WAB members for the Special Event call (and the square)

Two extra objectives were quickly added:

  1. Work EPC members for the Member awards
  2. Work DMC members for the Special and Event awards


Hopefully, this event helped promote CASHOTA Heritage Month, and awareness of the CASHOTA award program…

My appearance on both the RSARS and WAB nets meant a good number of members of both groups gained the point… but while several RSARS members gained extra points for RTTY and/or PSK, few other UK stations were logged.

Digital modes (especially on 20m) was the main success of the month.


GB0CZ statistics
Band Mode QSOs
All Bands SSB 54
All Bands RTTY 12
All Bands PSK 107
All Bands All modes 173
40m SSB 48
40m RTTY 7
40m PSK 17
40m All modes 72
20m SSB 6
20m RTTY 5
20m PSK 90
20m All modes 101

Lessons Learnt

As this was my first attempt at running a Special Event Station, a lessons leant section is appropriate…

  • Operating a SES as a “spare time” activity, fitting around work, is not an easy task…
  • Solo operation of an SES is hard work.
  • Daily operation of a temporary station is not really a viable approach – having to repeatedly put-up and put-down the station ate into the already limited operating time.  An antenna that can stay in situ is desirable
  • Digital modes are a killer of batteries – both radio supply and laptop.  Mains power needs to be investigated.


Solo operation of an SES, over a month-long period, in hard work… but fun!

I look forward to the next airing of this call – hopefully with a slightly better station set-up.

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