Activity Report – February 2016

I’ve managed to get out several times this month… I was active as work and family allowed.


Three GFFs have been activated during February (using the Club Call MX0WFF/P).

  • GFF-0210 (101 QSOs) Sutton Park NNR [first activation]
  • GFF-0286 (269 QSOs) The National Forest
  • GFF-0311 (62 QSOs) Middleton Lakes RSPB [2nd activation]

Furthermore, several short visits have been made to local references, which have already been “qualified” for the year:

  • GFF-0292 (59 QSOs) Basingstoke Canal
  • GFF-0322 (23 QSOs) Bourley and Long Valley
  • GFF-0324 (125 QSOs) Ash to Brookwood Ranges

As before, I’m planning to make regular, but short, visits to the local sites over the coming months, in addition to any other main activity.

CASHOTA and World Castle Award

Two CASHOTA references have been activated during February:

  • G-00568 in GFF-0311 (62 QSOs) Middleton Hall
  • G-00569 in GFF-0210 (101 QSOs) Sutton Park Deer Park & Scheduled Ancient Monument

Furthermore, home and work QTHs continue to be valid for GFF-00309 (Farnborough Hill) and G-00452 (Mytchett Place) respectively…

Worked All Britain (40m only)

Three further mobile runs have ensured progress in the 2016 activity… while none are all-time new-ones, they count for the annual activity (and winter awards).

Progress continues on each of the main awards…:

M0YMA WAB Statistics for February 2016
Activity Activated Worked
Feb YTD All Time Feb YTD All Time
Small Squares 37 100 610 80 198 1,579
Large Squares 4 4 18 +5 38 58
2016 Decade +18 76 n/a +12 85 n/a
2016 Decade (SU only) +11 48 n/a n/a n/a n/a
2016 GB Special Events n/a 4 4
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