Mytchett Place – Not quite a Park To Park… but!


Showing the position of Mychett Place and the surrounding GFFs

Showing the position of Mychett Place and the surrounding GFFs… GFF-0292 and GFF-0324

As well as activating them “properly” quite often, regular WWFF Hunters will have noted that I seem to “give away” WWFF references GFF-0292 and GFF-0324 quite regularly to other activators.

I am able to do this because, while my workplace is not within a designated area, it is surrounded by them – see map!

  • GFF-0292 is shown in orange
  • GFF-0324 is shown in green

This means that, either on my commute to-and-from work, or at convenient points of the day, it is quite easy for me to place my car in a convenient location – signing as /mobile.


Camp 'Z' @ Mytchett Place

Camp ‘Z’ @ Mytchett Place

As well as being eligible for GFF-0292 or GFF-0324 as appropriate, these contacts are still valid for CASHOTA and the World Castle Award, as they are within the designated distance from Mytchett Place (G-00452) itself.

Note: for the avoidance of any confusion, my usual portable operating position for GFF-0324 qualifies for WCA G-00452 – however my usual portable operating position for GFF-0292 does not!

Note on Copyright

The map image is taken from the UK Government’s Department of Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Magic website and is used in accordance with their Terms of Use.

The DEFRA site uses data that is the copyright of Ordnance Survey and used in accordance with their Terms of Use.

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