Special Call-signs

I have operated using the following special call-signs:

Special Event Stations


Special Event Station for CASHOTA Heritage Month 2014
(00:00BST 2014-09-01 to 23:59BST 2012-09-28)

Special Prefixes


Celebrating the London 2012 Olympics and Para-olympics
(00:00BST 2012-07-21 to 23:59BST 2012-09-09)


Commemorating HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
(00:00BST 2012-05-05 to 23:59BST 2012-06-10)


Commemorating the Wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton
(00:00BST 2012-04-29 to 23:59BST 2012-05-09)

Club Callsigns

Since the start of 2016, I have frequently used the Devon Radio Club call-sign, MX0WFF for my WWFF activities.

Occasionally operate using the Worked All Britain club call-signs Gx4WAB and Gx7WAB.

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