WWFF Logsearch

M0YMA is proud to be the author of the new WWFF LogSearch.

All WWFF activators and hunters/chasers are encouraged to register, and to check whether you are “in the log”.

Development and GitLab

I have contributed the LogSearch plugin to the WWFF program – and the source code has been placed into GitLab. I have limited amount of time to work on this, but volunteers are welcome to do so!

Known issues, or feature requests, can be logged as Issues.


Andrew M0YMA would like to acknowledge the assistance of the following during the development and testing of LogSearch to date:

  • Steen, 5P0O
  • Friedrich, DL4BBH
  • Petr, OK1IN
  • Jakob, OZ7AEI
  • Lars, PH0NO

And no doubt others I’ve missed. My thanks to you all.