APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) is digital communications information channel for Ham radio.

Mobile: M0YMA-9

M0YMA parked up in GFF-0324

Normally, I will be beaconing my position using SSID M0YMA-9 from my mobile.

Note: the beacon status will normally set to “Off Duty” as I do not monitor incoming beacons or messages while driving!

When operating from a portable location, the beacon-status text should give information about my location and/or operating frequency.

iGates: M0YMA-1 and M0YMA-5

I am experimenting with two different RaspberryPi 3B hosted applications… the intention is that one of them will (eventually) be commissioned as a digipeater and igate.  Watch this space…


M0YMA-1 is running DireWolf 1.4 as a receive-only iGate, connected to node T2UK on the APRS2 network.

This device is a very primitive set-up… a RaspberryPi 3B with a RTLSDR RTL2832U DVB-T Tuner Dongle connected to a small sub antenna – it is intended as a proof of concept.


M0YMA-5 is currently offline.