My Activity – CASHOTA

This page provides a reference for my Castles and Stately Homes on the Air activity.  All references are also valid for the World Castles Award:

Reference Name WAB Other Refs Activated
M6ADB – England
G-268 Odiham Castle SU75 2011-06-02 (and others)
G-279 Walbury Hillfort SU36 GFF-265, SOTA G/SE-001 2011-06-24 (and others)
G-302 Leith Hill Tower TQ14 GFF-273, SOTA G/SE-002 2011-10-06 (and others)
G-304 Yarnbury Hillfort SU04 GFF-241 2011-10-12 (and others)
G-375 Bowkerley Dyke SU02 GFF-124 2011-11-29 (and others)
G-382 Old Winchester Hill Hillfort SU62 GFF-126 2011-12-08
G-383 Kemerton Camp Fort S094 GFF-215,
G-384 Parsons Folly Tower S094
G-385 Mistlebury Hillfort SU01 GFF-100 2011-08-24
G-388 Crayke Castle SE57 GFF-254 2013-02-13
G-443 Rye Meads Gatehouse TL31 GFF-128 2011-09-22
G-452 Mytchett Place SU85 Work QTH – as M6ADB/A
G-464 Hilsea Lines SU60 2014-08-12
MW6ADB – Wales
GW-??? Llanmelin Hill-fort ST49 GWFF-024 2011-02-16, 2011-04-06
GW-??? Llanvair Discoed Castle ST49 2011-02-16, 2011-04-06
GW-??? Pencoed Castle ST48 GWFF-070 2011-02-10, 2011-07-14,
GW-??? Candlestone Castle SS87 GWFF-061 2011-12-13
  1. The GW reference list has been rearranged!
  2. Not all activity from G-279 is valid for SOTA – see SOTA page for valid dates
  3. The April 2011 activation of Yarnbury Hillfort used the special callsign MR6ADB/P

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