My Activity – Flora Fauna

This page provides a reference for my Flora and Fauna activity.

M6ADB GFF Activity
Reference Name WAB Other Refs Activated
M6ADB – England
GFF-010 The New Forest National Park SE10 2010-12-14
GFF-012 North Yorkshire Moors National Park SE49 2011-12-18
GFF-018 The South Downs National Park SU84 2011-06-03 (etc)
SU92 SOTA G/SE-003 2011-10-04 (etc)
TQ31 SOTA G/SE-006 2011-04-28 (etc)
GFF-056 Gordano Valley NNR ST47 2013-05-13
GFF-058 Chiltern Hills AONB SP80 SOTA G/CE-005 2011-08-02
SP81 2012-10-31
SP90 2013-06-05
GFF-074 Wicken Fen NNR TL57 2011-07-13
GFF-100 Garston Woods RSPB SU01 CASHOTA G-385 2011-08-24
GFF-101 Holt Heath NNR SU00 2011-10-10
GFF-117 Ashford Hangers NNR SU72 2011-07-13
GFF-118 Ashford Hill NNR SU56 2011-04-26 (etc)
GFF-119 Beacon Hill NNR SU52 2010-12-08
GFF-120 Butser Hill NNR SU72 SOTA G/SE-004 2010-10-28
GFF-121 Thames Basin Heaths SPA SU75 2011-07-29 (etc)
SU95 various
GFF-122 Kingston Great Common NNR SU10 2010-12-14
GFF-123 Langstone Harbour RSPB SU60 2011-09-01
GFF-124 Martin Down NNR SU02 CASHOTA G-375 2011-11-29 (etc)
GFF-125 North Solent NNR SZ39 2011-11-24
SZ49 LH A0553.15 2013-07-05
GFF-126 Old Winchester Hill NNR SU62 CASHOTA G-382 2010-12-08
GFF-127 Titchfield Haven NNR SU50 2014-08-12 (etc)
GFF-128 Rye Meads RSPB TL31 CASHOTA G-443 2011-09-22
GFF-148 The Wash SPA TF48 LH A2383X
LH A2385X
NATS A2384.5
NATS A2387.2
NATS A2387.6
GFF-175 Aston Rowant NNR SU79 2011-11-16
GFF-176 Otmoor RSPB SP51 2013-06-19
GFF-197 Cavenham Heath NNR TL77 2011-11-09
GFF-206 Farnham Heath RSPB SU84 2011-07-17 (etc)
GFF-207 Thursley Common NNR SU94 2011-09-07 (etc)
GFF-211 Wren’s Nest NNR SO99 2013-04-24
GFF-213 Pulborough Brookes RSPB TQ01 2011-04-28
GFF-215 Bredon Hill NNR SO94 CASHOTA G-383/G-384,
GFF-240 Pewsey Down NNR SU18 2011-04-26
GFF-241 Parsonage Down NNR SU04 CASHOTA G-304 2011-10-12 (etc)
GFF-245 Cannock Chase AONB SK01 2012-11-26
GFF-248 Cotswolds AONB SO92 SOTA G/CE-001 2010-09-27
GFF-249 Cranborne Chase and
West Wiltshire Downs AONB
ST73 SOTA G/SC-007 2010-08-02
ST92 SOTA G/SC-008 2010-09-29 (etc)
GFF-254 Howardian Hills AONB SE57 CASHOTA G-388 2013-02-13
GFF-265 North Wessex Downs AONB SU36 CASHOTA G-279,
2011-06-24 (etc)
GFF-269 Shropshire Hills AONB SJ60 2012-11-26
GFF-273 Surrey Hills AONB SU94 various
2011-10-06 (etc)
GFF-286 The National Forest SK21 2014-03-11
MW6ADB – Wales
GWFF-024 Coombe Valley Woods SSSI ST49 CASHOTA GW-??? 2011-??-??
GWFF-053 Kenfig Pool & Dunes NNR SS78 2011-12-12
GWFF-061 Merthyr Mawr NNR SS87 CASHOTA GW-??? 2011-12-13
GWFF-066 Newport Wetlands NNR ST38 LH A???? 2011-??-??
GWFF-070 Penhow Woodlands NNR ST48 CASHOTA GW-??? 2011-??-??
GWFF-073 Brecon Beacons National Park various 2011-??-??
  1. The April 2011 activation of Parsonage Down NNR used the special callsign MR6ADB/P
  2. Not all GFF activity from SOTA designated areas is valid for SOTA – see SOTA page for valid dates

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