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GFF_LogoI have agreed to become the UK Coordinator, allowing Charles M0OXO to focus on being the UK Awards Manager.

Effective from the end of August 2012, new references will become valid too.  Whilst the official WWFF Directory is definitive, the following pages (will) list the UK references, and links to relevant articles:

Note: For historical reasons, whilst all of the GM references and most of the GW references have been reassigned as GMFF and GWFF respectively, the GFF directory still includes references in VP6, VP9 and ZD9, plus GFF-015 Pembrokeshire National Park in Wales.

Eligibility Criteria

The original directory was compiled from a variety of sources, leading to unclear eligibility. The new WWFF rules seek to clarify eligibility: new WWFF references may be allocated according to following criteria, starting with class A, and when all are included in the directory to start with Class B.

  • Class A
    1. National Park
    2. Natural Park (UK: Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty)
    3. Regional Park
    4. Protected Natural Area
    5. Natural Reserve
    6. Regional Reserve
    7. Naturalistic Oasis
    8. Biosphere Reserve or Biotope
  • Class B
    1. Protected Area with Natura 2000 status (eg SAC, SPA)
    2. Special Area Protection established by Europe governments (eg RAMSAR)
    3. Others to define (Landscape Restricted Areas, FFH-Areas (Flora Fauna Habitat)


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