Directory – British Overseas Territories

Download Google Earth fileThe British Overseas Territories Directory contains XX references, all of which are currently valid.

The designation of these references is in accordance with International treaties and should not be read as indicating the WWFF Committee’s view as to the legal position on sovereignty.

British Overseas Territories Directory – Updated: 2016-01-15
Reference Previous DXCC Name IUCN Classification

VPFF-2xxx – Anguilla

VPFF-2001 (VPFF-001) VP2E Little Bay n/a
VPFF-2002 (VPFF-002) VP2E Shoal Bay & Island Harbour n/a
VPFF-2003 (VPFF-003) VP2E Anguillita Island n/a
VPFF-2004 (VPFF-004) VP2E Blowing Rock n/a
VPFF-2005 (VPFF-005) VP2E Dog Island n/a
VPFF-2006 (VPFF-006) VP2E Little Scrub Island n/a
VPFF-2007 (VPFF-007) VP2E Prickly Pear Cays n/a
VPFF-2008 (VPFF-008) VP2E Sandy Island (Including Dawling Shoal) n/a
VPFF-2009 (VPFF-009) VP2E Scilly Cay n/a
VPFF-2010 (VPFF-010) VP2E Scrub Island n/a
VPFF-2011 (VPFF-011) VP2E Seal Island n/a
VPFF-2012 (VPFF-012) VP2E Sombrero Island (Also known as Hat Island) n/a

VPFF-5xxx – Turks & Caicos Islands

VPFF-5001 (GFF-003) VP5 Chalk Sound National Park n/a National Park
VPFF-5002 (GFF-005) VP5 East Bay Islands National Park n/a National Park
VPFF-5003 (GFF-007) VP5 Grand Turk Cays National Park, Land and Sea n/a National Park
VPFF-5004 (GFF-011) VP5 North West Point Marine National Park n/a National Park
VPFF-5005 (GFF-016) VP5 Princess Alexandra National Park Land and Sea n/a National Park

VPFF-6xxx – Pitcairn Islands

VPFF-6001 (GFF-053) VP6 Pitcairn island (include Oeno) n/a
VPFF-6002 (GFF-054) VP6 Henderson island n/a WHS
VPFF-6003 (GFF-055) VP6-D Ducie island n/a

VPFF-81xx – Falkland Islands

VPFF-8101 VP8-FI Reserved for prospective MPA Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8102 VP8-FI Albemarle Rock Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8103 VP8-FI Arch Island East Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8104 VP8-FI Beauchene Island Cat IV Sanctuary
VPFF-8105 VP8-FI Bertha’s Beach Ramsar Ramsar
VPFF-8106 VP8-FI Bird Island (Falkland Islands) Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8107 VP8-FI Bleaker Island Cat IV Sanctuary
VPFF-8108 VP8-FI Cape Dolphin Cat IV Sanctuary
VPFF-8109 VP8-FI Clump Island Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8110 VP8-FI Cochon Island Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8111 VP8-FI Dunbar Island Cat IV Sanctuary
VPFF-8112 VP8-FI East Bay Cat IV Sanctuary
VPFF-8113 VP8-FI Elephant Jason Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8114 VP8-FI Flat Jason Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8115 VP8-FI Gid’s Island Cat IV Nature Reserve
VPFF-8116 VP8-FI Jason East Cay Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8117 VP8-FI Jason West Cay Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8118 VP8-FI Kidney Island Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8119 VP8-FI Low Island Cat IV Sanctuary
VPFF-8120 VP8-FI Middle Island Cat IV Sanctuary
VPFF-8121 VP8-FI Moss Side Cat IV Sanctuary
VPFF-8122 VP8-FI Natural Arch Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8123 VP8-FI New Island South Cat IV Sanctuary
VPFF-8124 VP8-FI North Fur Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8125 VP8-FI Pyramid Rock Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8126 VP8-FI Sea Dog and Arch Islands Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8127 VP8-FI Sea Lion Island Ramsar Ramsar
VPFF-8128 VP8-FI South Fur Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8129 VP8-FI South Jason Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8130 VP8-FI Stanley Common and Cape Pembroke Peninsula Cat IV Sanctuary
VPFF-8131 VP8-FI The Fridays Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8132 VP8-FI The Narrows Cat IV Sanctuary
VPFF-8133 VP8-FI The Twins Cat IV Sanctuary
VPFF-8134 VP8-FI Tussac Island Cat Ia Nature Reserve
VPFF-8135 VP8-FI Volunteer and Cow Bay Cat IV Sanctuary
VPFF-8136 VP8-FI White Rock Cat Ia Nature Reserve

VPFF-82xx – South Georgia

VPFF-8201 VP8-SG South Georgia Marine Protected Area Cat VI MPA
VPFF-8202 (GFF-022) VP8-SG Bird Island (South Georgia) Cat Ia SSSI
VPFF-8203 VP8-SG Annenkov Island Cat Ia SSSI
VPFF-8204 VP8-SG Cooper Island SPA
VPFF-8205 (GFF-027) VP8-SG Grytviken Cat II ASTA
VPFF-8206 VP8-SG Bay of Isles Cat II ASTI

VPFF-83xx – South Sandwich Islands

VPFF-8301 VP8-SA South Sandwich Islands Marine Protected Area Cat VI MPA

VPFF-84xx – South Orkney Islands

VPFF-8401 VP8-SO Reserved for prospective MPA
VPFF-8402 VP8-SO Lynch Island ASPA-110
VPFF-8403 VP8-SO Southern Powell Island and adjacent Islands ASPA-111
VPFF-8404 VP8-SO Northern Coronation Island ASPA-114
VPFF-8405 VPS-SO Moe Island ASPA-109

VPFF-85xx – South Shetland Islands

VPFF-8501 VP8-Sh Reserved for prospective MPA
VPFF-8502 (GFF-034) VP8-Sh Deception Island – Port Foster ASPA-145
VPFF-8503 (GFF-034) VP8-Sh Deception Island ASPA-140
VPFF-8504 VP8-Sh Greenwich Island – Discovery Bay ASPA-144
VPFF-8505 VP8-Sh King George Island – Fildes Peninsula ASPA-125
VPFF-8506 VP8-Sh King George Island – Lions Rump ASPA-151
VPFF-8507 VP8-Sh King George Island – Potter Peninsula ASPA-132
VPFF-8508 VPS-SH King George Island – Ardley Island ASPA-150
VPFF-8509 (GFF-052) VPS-SH King George Island – Western shore of Admiralty Bay ASPA-128
VPFF-8510 VP8-Sh Robert Island – Coppermine Peninsula ASPA-112
VPFF-8511 VP8-Sh Livingston Island – Cape Shirreff Cat Ia ASPA-149
VPFF-8512 VPS-SH Livingston Island – Byers Peninsula ASPA-126
VPFF-8513 VP8-Sh Nelson Island – Harmony Point ASPA-133

VPFF-9xxxx – Bermuda

VPFF-9001 (VPFF-101) VP9 Gilbert Nature Reserve and Springfield
(Somerset Island)
VPFF-9002 (VPFF-102) VP9 Gladys Morrell Nature Reserve
(Somerset Island)
VPFF-9003 (VPFF-103) VP9 Idwal Hughes Nature Reserve
(Main Island)
VPFF-9004 (VPFF-104) VP9 Paget Marsh and Boardwalk Nature Reserve
(Main Island)
VPFF-9005 (VPFF-105) VP9 Palm Island Nature Reserve n/a
VPFF-9006 (VPFF-106) VP9 Scaur Lodge Nature Reserve and Farmland
(Somerset Island)
VPFF-9007 (VPFF-107) VP9 Spittal Pond Nature Reserve
(Main Island)
VPFF-9008 (VPFF-108) VP9 Warwick Pond Nature Reserve
(Main Island)
VPFF-9009 (VPFF-109) VP9 Lambda Island
(Dundonal Channel)
VPFF-9010 (VPFF-110) VP9 Nonsuch Island
(Castle Harbour)
VPFF-9011 (VPFF-111) VP9 Pearl Island
(Dundonal Channel)
VPFF-9012 (VPFF-100) VP9 Butterfield Nature Reserves
(Main Island)

ZBFF – Gibralter

ZBFF-001 ZB The Rock of Gibraltar Cat 1a Natura2000
ZBFF-002 ZB The Southern Waters of Gibraltar n/a Natura2000

ZDFF – St Helena, Ascension and Tristran de Cunha

ZDFF-9001 ZD9 Gough Island Ramsar, WHS
ZDFF-9002 ZD9 Inaccessible Island 1a Reserve, WHS
ZDFF-9003 (GFF-028) ZD9 SANAP Weather Station

ZFFF – The Cayman Islands

ZFFF-0001 ZF Cayman Islands Marine  
ZFFF-0002 ZF The National Trust for the Cayman Islands  
ZFFF-0003 ZF Bludi Pound Naiche Reserve  

Note: the Southern Waters of Gibraltar SCI forms a sub-region of the wider Estrecho Oriental SCI – for the purposes of WWFF recognition, and in accordance with the WWFF rules, ZBFF-002 shall apply to this region.