GJFF Directory – Jersey

Download Google Earth fileThe GJFF Directory contains 12 references, all of which are currently valid.

GJFF Directory – Jersey
Updated: 2014-08-28
Reference Name WAB Remarks
GJFF-001 Fern Valley WV65 NTfJ
GJFF-002 La Mare au Seigneur SSI WV55 NTfJ
GJFF-003 Le Don Paton WV65
GJFF-004 Le Noir Pre WV55
GJFF-005 Le Saie Woodland WV75
GJFF-006 Les Maltieres WV64
GJFF-007 St Peter’s Valley WV65 NTfJ
GJFF-008 Vallée des Vaux WV64 NTfJ
GJFF-009 Les Dirouilles n/a
GJFF-010 Les Écréhous n/a
GJFF-011 Les Minquiers n/a Note: EU-099
GJFF-012 Les Pierres de Lecq n/a

All references are within the Jersey (GJ) DXCC entity, and IOTA EU-013 unless otherwise stated.

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