GUFF – Guernsey

Download Google Earth fileThe GUFF Directory contains 30 references, all of which are currently valid.

GUFF Directory – Guernsey
Updated: 2014-08-28
Reference Name WAB Remarks
GUFF-001 Bridget Ozanne Orchid Fields WV38 LaSG
GUFF-002 Colin Best WV27 LaSG
GUFF-003 La Claire Mare WV27 LaSG
GUFF-004 La Garenne d’Anneville WV38 LaSG
GUFF-005 La Gélé Road WV27 LaSG
GUFF-006 Le Grand Pré WV38 LaSG
GUFF-007 Le Jardin de Lorette WV38 LaSG
GUFF-008 Ozanne NR WV38 LaSG
GUFF-009 Pleinmont WV27 LaSG
GUFF-010 Rue des Bergers WV27 LaSG
GUFF-011 Rue Rocheuse WV27 LaSG
GUFF-012 Silbe NR WV27 LaSG
GUFF-013 Vale Pond – Colin McCathie NR WV38 LaSG
GUFF-014 Alderney Island TBC
GUFF-015 Brecqhou Island [Sark] TBC
GUFF-016 Burhou Island [Alderney] TBC
GUFF-017 Coque Lihou [Alderney] TBC
GUFF-018 Crevichon Islet [Herm] TBC
GUFF-019 Grande Amfroque Rock [Herm] TBC
GUFF-020 Herm Island TBC
GUFF-021 Jethou Island [Herm] TBC
GUFF-022 Les Casquets [Alderney] TBC
GUFF-023 Les ?tacs (The Garden Rocks) [Alderney] TBC
GUFF-024 Les Houmets [Guernsey] TBC
GUFF-025 L’Etac Rock [Sark] TBC
GUFF-026 Lihou Island [Guernsey] TBC
GUFF-027 Little Burhou Island [Alderney] TBC
GUFF-028 Ortac Island [Alderney] TBC
GUFF-029 Renonquet Rock [Alderney] TBC
GUFF-030 Sark Island TBC

All references are within the Guernsey (GU) DXCC entity, and IOTA EU-114.

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