GxFF to SOTA Cross Reference

This page is still work in progress, but will (eventually) provide a cross-reference for UK SOTA summits with WWFF references.

Please ensure your activation point is within the designated area…

GxFF to SOTA Cross Reference

England – G

Central England (G/CE)
G/CE-001 GFF-248  
G/CE-002 None  
G/CE-003 GFF-215/GFF-248 Observe SAC boundaries for GFF-215
G/CE-004 GFF-286  
G/CE-005 GFF-058  
Devon & Cornwall (G/DC)
G/DC-001 GFF-004  
G/DC-002 GFF-247  
G/DC-003 GFF-274  
G/DC-004 None  
G/DC-005 None  
G/DC-006 None  
G/DC-007 GFF-247  
Lake District (G/LD)
Northern Pennines (G/NP)
Scottish Borders (G/SB)
South/Central England (G/SC)
G/SC-001 GFF-006 Note: not GFF-182
G/SC-002 GFF-268  
G/SC-003 GFF-261  
G/SC-004 GFF-244  
G/SC-005 GFF-006  
G/SC-006 GFF-006  
G/SC-007 GFF-249  
G/SC-008 GFF-249  
G/SC-009 GFF-251  
G/SC-010 None  
G/SC-011 GFF-251  
Southern England (G/SE)
G/SE-001 GFF-265  
G/SE-002 GFF-273  
G/SE-003 GFF-018  
G/SE-004 GFF-120/GFF-018 Observe NNR boundaries for GFF-120
G/SE-005 GFF-273  
G/SE-006 GFF-018  
G/SE-007 None  
G/SE-008 GFF-287/GFF-256 Observe SAC boundaries for GFF-287
G/SE-009 GFF-018  
G/SE-010 GFF-018  
G/SE-011 GFF-018  
G/SE-012 GFF-256  
G/SE-013 GFF-258  
G/SE-014 GFF-018  
G/SE-015 GFF-258  
Southern Pennines (G/SP)
Tyne to the Wash (G/TW)
G/TW-001 GFF-012  
G/TW-002 GFF-012  
G/TW-003 GFF-012  
G/TW-004 None  
G/TW-005 GFF-259  
Welsh Borders (G/WB)

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